Why a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Is All the Difference

Insurance is something that is at the top of people’s minds right now. With so much of the US (and Puerto Rico) in ruins following this year’s seemingly endless hurricane season, and with California facing devastation from forest fires, a lot of people are going to be looking to their insurance providers for help bailing out. Unfortunately, however, the surge of people filing claims means there will also be a surge of people who are denied claims—and it is possible that the insurance companies that are denying claims are not 100 per cent in the right by doing so. If that is the case, then a bad faith insurance attorney may be able to help.  Picture the situation:  You’ve lost your entire home, all of the belongings besides those you thought to cling to when you evacuated, and perhaps even a beloved pet, or worse, a family member or friend. Your life is in ruins: you have nothing, and if your insurance company doesn’t come through, you don’t even have the funds to begin to rebuild. This is hard enough on yourself, but what if you are also a single parent supporting children? It’s hard to imagine a scenario that is worse than this, and following the recent string of disasters, a lot of US citizens are going to be facing it. We depend on our insurance providers for protection—and a way out—during critical times of need, and it adds even further emotional and psychological devastation when you realize after the fact that your insurance provider isn’t going to help you. And it is even more frustrating when your insurance provider is letting you down due to an act of bad faith. That’s when you call a bad faith insurance attorney.  What is insurance bad faith?  A bad faith insurance attorney can help when you decide it’s time to file a claim against an insurance company because it has denied you a duty of good faith and fair dealing that you are owed. You may feel like things are hopeless when your insurance provider denies your claim, but you are covered by an operation of law in your insurance contract. It is referred to as an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” and it protects you when your insurance provider breaches a claim, or when you feel that your claim’s denial has been the result of unclear wording in the initial policy.  How can a bad faith insurance attorney help?  A bad faith insurance attorney can help you sue the insurance provider in question on a tort claim or a standard breach of contract claim, allowing you to recover the original face value of the policy (or more).  If you’ve been let down by your insurance company when you needed it most—and when you feel you have been violated by an unjust denial of claim—then it’s time to call a reputable, experienced, professional bad faith insurance attorney. Don’t let your situation overwhelm you. Let a bad faith insurance attorney help you take back some of the control over your situation.  Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP has team of experienced attorneys in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Irvine, CA offering legal services for personal injury, property damage, civil rights, construction defects, insurance bad faith ( ACTSLaw/Bad-Faith-Insurance-Attorney ), and business litigation. To know more, visit ACTSLaw/About-Us.