Top 3 Benefits of Working with Staffing Agencies in San Francisco

Talent shortages are real; the Manpower Group survey shows 40% of employers have reported a talent shortage. This has increased competition in recruitment which has changed over the years. Today, you must know the right recruitment channels to reach the best talent. In-house recruiters who might be hiring once or twice in a year might not know how the job market has changed.To hire dream candidates for each job position, consider working with staffing agencies in San Francisco. Here are some of the unique benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency.1)  Help in Understanding Your Recruiting TargetsWhen you post job advertisements, it does not mean every candidate in the job market responds to it. You can’t convince the best candidates to apply unless you understand how top talent thinks and reacts to job listings.Recruiting agencies use a scientific approach to determine how your recruiting targets look for a job. Market research helps in defining prospect personas that identify key attraction factors and tells how different individuals look for a job. This can be useful to create attractive job advertisements with the right mix of words that will entice the recruiting targets to respond to your job postings.2)  Help in Convincing Passive CandidatesCompanies prefer passive candidates (employed elsewhere) than active job seekers (currently unemployed). According to an survey, 9 out of 10 talent professionals prefer hiring passive candidates. Today, recruitment has become 100% electronic and you can reach anyone through the Internet. It might be easy to reach passive candidates but convincing them for a job change is the hardest thing to accomplish.Relationship plays a critical role in hiring passive candidates. Staffing agencies in San Francisco are known to maintain talent pools that also consist of passive candidates who are registered with the agency. Professional recruiters stay in contact with candidates no matter where they are employed. They also share a personal connection with passive candidates that your in-house recruiters might be lacking.Recruiting agencies can help your organization develop a strong hiring strategy for passive candidates where such candidates can be introduced to company’s culture and values. The recruiter can work with your HR manager to customize the salary package for the passive candidate that increases the chances of the candidate joining your company.3)  Strengthen Your Employer BrandMillennials look for the best employers. This increases the importance of your employer brand. The employer brand is the way the candidates perceive your company. The recruiting agency can play an effective role in conveying right image of your company in the market and to potential candidates.A recruitment agency can be your brand ambassador and work to create a great recruitment experience for candidates. With help and guidance from your HR Manager, they can create videos that show how your company treats its employees and how it rewards the employees for their hard work, time, skills and expertise. All this leaves a positive effect on potential candidates.The employment landscape is changing faster. If you ignore the technology and changes in the job market, you are more likely to become a mute spectator who witnesses top performers snapped by your competitors. Staffing agencies in San Francisco can be your strategic partners who can help you attract the high achievers you need.Have you worked with a staffing agency in the past? Please feel free to share your experience and comments. Vitamin Talent is one of the leading creative staffing agencies operating from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Boston, London, etc., providing companies with the right talent plus help them in managing creative teams, copywriters, freelance web and graphic designers, digital marketers, etc. and placing job-seeking candidates in the best positions and help. For more information, visit