Tangible benefits of working with Recruiters in San Francisco

The Internet era has made recruitment a complicated thing. Dozens of recruitment sites, hundreds of online job boards can give you a false sense that you can manage recruitment on your own. However, the reality is different, and the industry statistics tell a different story. Recent research indicates most of the companies do not rely on their internal recruitment teams for filling up vacancies. Around 90% of companies use recruiting agencies to fulfill their staffing agencies. Working with recruiters in San Francisco offers several benefits in the recruitment process, here are a few of them. Save Time Hiring is a time-consuming process. According to a NACE survey, the average time required from interview to offer is 22.5 days. Add to it some additional time for posting job listings, collecting and sorting resumes, scheduling interviews and you will learn you lose a lot of productive time on these tasks. With a professional recruiter by your side, you can considerably reduce the time-to-hire. The recruiting agencies have talent pools of qualified and screened candidates who might be perfect for different job positions in your company. This aspect reduces the time organizations spend interviewing candidate without the necessary skills or who are under-qualified for the job. Avoid Bad Hires The cost of bad hires is a worrying factor even for bigger companies. According to a SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) study, the cost of a bad hire could be a costly affair. Unlike your internal recruiters who only hire a few times in a year, the recruiters in San Francisco hire all day every day. This experience makes them experts in finding the right person for a position. The professional recruiter knows which questions to ask potential candidates and how to gauge the answers. Also, the recruitment agency tests candidates for the skills they have. This works well to avoid bad hires as the resume may not tell the whole story of the candidate all the times. These tests weed out the candidates that are not perfect for the job. Reduce Costs It is often misunderstood that conducting in-house recruitment saves money while the truth is just the opposite. There are several costs involved in the whole recruitment process. Firstly, you need to advertise the vacancies on different job boards and it can be bit expensive. According to Glassdoor for employer’s survey, advertising on job sites like simply hired costs around $99 (1 job posting for 30 days) while the rates for popular sites like LinkedIn is much higher; a single job posting for 30 days costs around $195. When you manage the recruitment in-house, you also need to consider administrative costs that are related to recruitment. Besides your internal HR staff, you might also be required to bring in some temporary workers for tasks like sifting through a huge pile of CV’s and other administrative tasks. There is no doubt, your staff ends up spending lots of time on non-productive processes and time is money. When you hire a professional recruiter, the agency handles the recruitment related tasks and your staff is free to focus on important business tasks. These are only some of the benefits of working with recruiters in San Francisco. Over these years, the job market and technology have changed and so has the expectations of the job seekers. By partnering with a professional recruiter you can attract and hire top talent before your competitors get them onboard.  Vitamin Talent is one of the leading creative recruiters operating from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, London, etc., providing companies with the right talent plus help them in managing creative teams, copywriters, web designers, etc. and placing job-seeking candidates in the best positions and help. For more information, visit VitaminTalent/what-we-do.