Should You Use Ceiling Fans in Modern Home Décors?

Are ceiling fans old-fashioned mechanical devices? Can ceiling fans make your home look dated? What is the need for ceiling fans in a house that has air conditioning? If you have thought about such questions when decorating your house, you may be not alone. Ceiling fans fell out of favor with consumers and designers for many reasons. These reasons can include lack of innovation in design or technology. But ceiling fans are still useful and can be used to enhance any home’s décor. Consider these reasons to use ceiling fans if you are renovating your home or moving into a new one. New Sleeker Designs Modern ceiling fans come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. There is one now available for every taste and decorative style. For example, Casablanca ceiling fans are available in different sizes, for various uses, and with different features. From mini fan models for smaller rooms to extra large ones for outdoor spaces, there is a ceiling fan now available for every family’s needs. You can buy a fan with light fixtures or pull chains depending on your décor. Pull chain models can lend a helping hand to your vintage décor while light fixtures can complement your contemporary home. The light fixtures can also be different. Casablanca ceiling fans come in designs with one round light or three smaller lights placed as an upside down bouquet. You can also add variety in terms of number of blades. You can use a small fan with six blades in your bedroom and big fans with three blades in the living room and patio. Fans are also available in five blades and the shape of the blade also offers variety. From straight lines to curved and elongated blades, there is now something for everyone. Variety in Colors Ceiling fans in shades such as white, black, and brown can break color monotony in any room. If your room is decorated in pastels, a ceiling fan in white can complement the space but also enhance it. If your room contains neutral browns, a ceiling fan with a light fixture in multiple-hued exterior materials can add colors to the room. A ceiling fan in quicksilver or matte white is ideal to use alongside minimalist or monochrome design accents. Brushed steel ceiling fans in shades of brown can look good with any décor. Versatility in Materials Ceiling fans with titanium, steel and nickel blades offer different looks for decorative purposes. Nickel blades can complement minimalist décor styles while weathered iron blades are ideal for rustic homes. Fans in bronze matte finishes with light fixtures are perfect for a house with lots of earthy design accents in a space. Examples can include terracotta pots with indoor plants, ceramic tables, and lots of jars and accessories on a table. Use of ceiling fans is not the problem. When you use the right style and design of fans, you can use one to beautify your home.  Crescent Harbor is a leading lighting store specializing in high quality light fixtures, including chandeliers, sconces, ceiling fans, floor and table lamps, onion light, and picture lights from leading brands such as Minka Lavery, Casablanca Ceiling Fan, Troy Lighting, etc. To know more about us, visit CrescentHarbor/About-Us.